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If you currently wear glasses and would like to try wearing contact lenses, we offer the most up-to-date products at very competitive prices and can advise you on the most suitable type of contact lens to suit your needs.

We are dedicated to helping you keep your eyes as healthly as possible and offer a wide range of contacts, to ensure expert eye care and aftercare for your contact lenses.

We also offer direct debit payment plans to help you spread the cost - please ask any of the staff for more details.

Ever thought of trying contacts?

Then we have a type to suit you!

With so many different types of contact lenses on the market, you will need help and advice on the best type for your needs. Whether you are after disposable lenses for sport or social use, or a comfortable lens to wear every day, we can supply lenses that will suit your needs and your budget.

We offer a range of contact lenses, including dailies and multifocal contact lenses. Daily disposable contacts lenses are ideal for sports, social occasions, part time wearers and an easy introduction to new wearers.

However, if you are new to contact lenses, it is imperative you see an optician to be prescribed the correct lenses for you.

Contact Lens Care

If you buy contact lenses from Lesley Dobbie Optometrists, we will also ensure you have the correct contact lens solution and maintenance plan to care for your contact lenses properly.

Remember, never to wear your contact lenses for longer periods than recommended by your optician. If you experience any problems with your lenses, you should call your optician straight away for advice.

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MyDay 30 pack small


For a free trial of My Day daily disposable contact lenses, a new silicone hydrogel contact lens with supreme comfort and handling, please contact us.(A contact lens fitting fee will apply to new patients.)


 - The safe contact lens alternative to laser surgery

Nocturnal lenses are unique contact lenses that take away your short sight while you sleep.  They do this by gently changing the shape of your eye in a controlled way.  All contact lenses even dailies change your eye in this way but Nocturnal lenses are made to suit your eye precisely and enhance the affect to correct your eyesight.  So when you wake up you will take out your Nocturnal lenses and have clear vision all day!!

Major benefits of Nocturnal lense are:

- no contact related dryness during the day

- naturally good eyesight during the day

- none of the risks of laser surgery

- comparable cost of regular contact lenses

Visit the Nocturnal website for further information and patient reviews:

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