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German company Carl Zeiss have been making high quality precision spectacle lenses for many years and are among the world leaders in optical technology. We have recently introduced Zeiss lenses into our extensive lens portfolio, and are getting great feedback from patients who have tried them.

The idea that varifocal lenses cause dizziness, headaches and a risk of tripping, put many people off trying these lenses, but the new generation Zeiss Precision lenses allow clear vision, with a smooth transition from distant to near targets. There is a lens to suit all available visual needs, please call in to find your perfect lens solution.


 Zeiss Duravision coating comes with superior hardness, to provide the hardest Zeiss lenses ever. They are easy to clean, antistatic and scratch resistant. By reducing reflections, more light passes directly into the eye providing superior clarity and improved appearance. Zeiss are so confident in the properties of the Duravision Platinum Coating that they provide a 2 year guarantee against any scratches or faults.                 

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